Atli, legendary king of the Huns, ruler of Hunland, and son of Buthli. In Norse legend, Atli is the literary counterpart of the historical figure Attila the Hun. In the Scandinavian epic 'Volsunga Saga', Atli is the brother of Brunhild and the ruthless second husband of Gudrun, daughter of King Giuki and Grimhild. He slew Gudrun's brother, King Gunnar, and Hogni, and was himself slain by Gudrun. As described in the 'Volsunga Saga', Brunhild killed herself after the death of her beloved Sigurd, burning with him on his funeral pyre. Atli wanted revenge for Brunhild's death. He became betrothed to Sigurd's widow, Gudrun, who was heir to Sigurd's enormous Nibelung treasure. Gudrun agreed to marry the fierce Atli only because she had been enchanted by a magic potion. But after the marriage, when the magic potion wore off and Gudrun realized what had happened, she despised him. Gudrun's brother, King Gunnar, and cousin Hogni, who had hidden the Nibelung treasure, fought against the forces of Atli and were captured. They refused to reveal the treasure's location; the avaricious Atli had Hogni's heart cut out and presented it to Gunnar to make him yield, but despite this grisly deed, Gunnar still refused to give up the secret, and he, too, was killed. Gudrun took revenge on Atli by killing him herself with Sigurd's sword and then setting fire to his palace. She committed suicide by immolating herself in the blaze.