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Frigg, Idun


Name: Berkanan: | Translation: Birch Twig
Pronunciation | bear-kawn-oh
Zodiac Sign: | Pisces and Aries
Healing: | Healing of infections. Gives more efficiency to bandages to protect and preserve.
Magical Uses: | healing (especially infections), achieving conception, making a fresh start

Divinitory Meanings: fertility, health, new beginnings, growth, conception, plenty, clearance

Upright : Growth Spirit rejoyces in the process of you unfoldment. As your awareness increases you may find yourself quickly outgrowing old forms, patterns and ideas that no longer serve you. Try not to be attached to anything, knowing that whatever is truly yours will always stay with you.

Reversed : Stuck : There appears to be an obstacle to you growth. Some long held emotional or mental pattern is creating a temporary setback for you . Remember you don't need to know how to change a limiting patter for the change to take place. Just tell the Universe you are ready to change and allow spirit to show you how.

Analysis : This rune is strongly associated with the birch tree. It also is connected with fertility and birth (or rebirth) and, as such, may be used at the time of childbirth. There are numerous instances in European folk tradition where birch twigs are used to bring prosperity and encourage conception. They were fixed above a sweetheart's door on May Day in Cheshire, England, and were placed in stables and houses to promote fertility. On the continent, young men, women and cattle were struck with birch twigs for this same purpose, and young boys would be sent out to "beat the bounds of the parish" with branches of birch to ensure prosperity in the coming year. Witches were said to ride broomsticks made from birch, an image which probably originated with fertility rituals where dancers would 'ride' brooms through the fields, the height of their jumping indicating how high the grain should grow.

The Rune Poem: Verse XVIII Berkanan
The Birch is fruitless, nonetheless it bears
Shoots without seed; it is beauteous in boughs
High of helm, fairly adorned
Laden with leaves, close to the sky