I (Azurla, the creator of this website) assume that all of the images and graphics used on this website are public domain (with the exception of my own original photos & graphics). But as we all know, in the nebulous, free-wheeling world of the Internet, such matters are not always crystal clear. If you see any images which you feel should not be here, please email me immediately at vikulushka@nastrond,.net, and the offending image will be promptly removed.

The images on this website fall into three general categories:

1. Advertising graphics, company logos, public relations photos, studio publicity shots, sample sound clips, movie clips, etc., which were originally used for advertising/public relations purposes on the Internet or elsewhere; these images have been incorporated into this website in a similar fashion to the way they were originally used, that is, to publicize and promote the original celebrity, movie, television show, business, or individual. As such, I assume that the advertisers, studios and businesses involved will not object to the beneficial use of this material. If anyone does object, please contact me at vikulushka@nastrond.net, and the graphic in question will be immediately removed. 2. not mine... i give many thanks to borris valejo for most of the art.. and a lot of it came from just looking around the net.. so i claim no responsibility for anything.. so most of the stuff here.. is not mine.. :) this site is for educational purposes only. most of the art on this page was manipulated by me.. and that's about it..