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Iceland Spar

Name: Ehwaz | Translation : Horse
Pronunciation | ay-wawz
Zodiac Sign: | Aries
Healing: | Give the will to go faster, Give the will to live.
Magical Uses: | power, aiding in communication, transportation; to 'send' a spell

Divinitory Meanings: transportation, motion, assistance, energy, power, communication, will, recklessness

Upright : MovementNow is the time to act, and you know what to do. Your spirit is pulling you in a particular direction. Follow your bliss.

Reversed : Hold Off : The Rune's counsel is to hold off on action, at least temporarily. The right door has not yet opened and all the facts aren't in. Be patient and wait on Spirit's will.. What's yours will come to you...

Analysis : The horse has been a powerful symbol in nearly every culture and every age. They were often believed to draw the sun about the heavens. Strong, swift and loyal, their relationship with humankind is unique. They allow us to perform tasks that would normally be beyond our strength, and to travel distances that would normally be beyond our reach. The mare symbolizes fertility and fecundity, and the stallion is the epitome of virility and raw energy. It is an animal that never lost its power by being domesticated. Like the sun which is its counterpart, ehwaz represents energy and motion. In this case, however, there is also respect for the source of the power to be considered. This is not merely an impersonal energy source - it is a living, breathing thing whose needs and desires must be taken into consideration, rather than be simply used as a slave. This is the power that was given by the God at algiz, and this rune reminds us of our oath to only use it to help, never to harm. Like the two-edged sword, the horse is a powerful tool, but must be carefully controlled to avoid harming yourself or other. It is tempting to just go barrelling along recklessly, but to do so is to risk loosing that power forever. This is the balance that must be achieved on the path of pure magic.

The Rune Poem: Verse XIX Ehwaz
A Steed is the joy of aethlings or eorls,
a horse proud of hoof, where men about It,
wealthy, on stallions, swap speech,
and to the unquiet is ever a solace.

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