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Name: | Fehu Pronunciation | fay-who
Esoteric Intrepretation | Mobile property; power
Ideographic Interpretation: | the horns of bovine livestock
Zodiac Sign: | Cancer
Healing: | Good for the blood - Flux it or give it energy.
Magical Uses: | for money, business, promotion, finding a job, achieving a goal, starting new enterprises

fa Divinitory Meanings: strengthens psychic powers, channel for power transference or projection; the sending rune. drawing the projects power of the sun, moon , and stars into the personal sphere. Promotion of personal and social evolution. Increase in personal monetary wealth

Upright : FulFillment: You fell the joy of receiving and having . You're letting yourself recieive without blocking the flow. Remember the secret to staying in this joyous space of receptivity is gratitude. Gratitude is an energy which opens the heart, and an open heart is a receptive one.

Reversed : Deserving : It's becoming clear to you now that what you have is in accordance with what you believe you deserve. To have more you must now look at your bleifs about money, possessions, relationships and happiness.

Analysis : Fehu is both the day-to-day reality of our lives and the catalyst that awakens us to what lies beyond. It is the raw archetypal enery of motion and expansion in the multiverse. it is the force that flow for Muspellheim, the source of cosmic fire, from which Midgard was produced. It is whatever we think we are seeking, which frequently bears no resemblance to what we will eventually find. It is also our home, for after all our wanderings we will still need to attend to our physical needs and ground ourselves in the simple pleasures of home, family, and good work.
Fehu reminds us that we must be secure in our physical situation before embarking upon any spiritual journey. We all must begin with the mundane reality of our lives, although many people never get beyond this. In many ways, we have become as domesticated as the cattle, living our day to day existence without wanting or even being aware of anything more being possible. The first step in breaking away from this situation is to catch a glimpse of what is possible, without dwelling on what security we may lose to attain it.
Fehu contains the mystery of both creation and destruction and the harmonious functioning of these two extremes, which leads to dynamic evolutionary force. The Cosmic fire of Muspellheim is instrumental in the creation o the world, but it is also the pricipal agent in its destruction of Ragnarok..
Fehu is the rune of Eternal becomming..
Fehu is the essence of mobile power..
Fehu is the rune that rules the basic force of fertility..

Fehu defines a mobile form of power. in the psycho-magical realm this concept o mobile force is closely connefcted with the old germanic idea of the hamingja. this is an aspect of the psychosomatic complex that may be best described as a mobile and trasferable magical power.
Fehu is the directed expansive force that facilitates the projection of soul entities and magical power from person to person, or from a person to an object.

Additional Info : The Rune must be yielded into receptice field--:o:--in order to be increase. It increases in power through circulation, and it is transformed from one shape to another. This mus not, however, be done blindly but rather with foresight and wisdom.
in the cosmology this is the true outward force of the primal cosmic fire - the expansicve force that answers to contradiction and solidification in ice (: / :) . this is a fire generated out of water and in the dark depths of the multiverse - and in the dark corners od the self. It is within the self that the power of the fehu is most important to the runester

The Rune Poem: Verse I Fehu
Wealth is a consolation to all men
Yet much of it must each man give away
If glory he desire
To gain before his god

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