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Name: Gebo: | Translation: Gift
Pronunciation | gay-boe
Zodiac Sign: | Libra
Healing: | Heal mental and physical balance - Both externally and internally..
Magical Uses: | to find or strengthen a relationship, for fertility, to mark a gift or offering, to bring luck

Divinitory Meanings : Partnership The energy of connectedness surrounds you. You're joining with others with an open heart, realizing that love is always the answer to any problem. The counsel is to keep working on unconditionally loving yourself, for the more you love and accept yourself the more you can do so with others.

Analysis : Gebo is a rune of connection, particularly the connections between people. This rune represents those places where our path intersects with others, and allows us to begin to form conscious relationships. Such relationships are strengthened and sanctified by the exchange of gifts. The use of the gift as a symbol of an oath or a bond is an ancient one. A gift given between lovers, especially that of the ring, symbolizes the bond between them. Originally, only the man gave the ring in a marriage for much the same reason as the lord giving gifts to his vassals, but today the arrangement is usually more equitable. Gifts or offerings given to the Gods often carry the same meaning, representing the giver's love for or loyalty to their Gods. The giving of a gift implies the acceptance of a debt with the understanding that the debt will not be repaid. It is this imbalance which forms the bond.

The Rune Poem: Verse VII Gebo Generosity in men is to honour and praise
And dignity a prop;
And for every wrack,
Riches and substance, who has naught else.

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