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Njord, Midgard Serpent


Name: Laguz | Translation : Water
Pronunciation | law-gooze
Zodiac Sign: | Taurus
Healing: | Used to combat poisons
Magical Uses: | enhancing psychic abilities, confronting fears, stabilizing mental or emotional disorders, uncovering hidden things

Divinitory Meanings: emotions, fears, unconscious mind, things hidden, revelation, intuition, counselling

Upright : Flowing You're flowing with the forces of divine will.. You're allowing things to just happen without letting your ego get attached to a particular outcome. You're trusting that whatever is happening is always perfect, remembering that there is divine plan.

Reversed : Going within : Your answers can all be found within you, and your spirit is calling you to go within to receive them. Spend some quiet time alone. Meditate, pray, write in a journal, or go for a walk. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself, so that you may receive guidance from the 'still small voice within yourself'.

Analysis : When most people think of water, they generally think of its more pleasant associations - peacefulness, love, compassion, intuition, and the emotions in general. However, we must remember that, to the Norse, water most often meant the sea, and the sea was a terrifying, unpredictable place, home of the Midgard serpent and the grave of many sailors. Laguz, then, should be thought of in terms of the lighter and the darker sides of the element of water. It speaks to our primal fears of the dark, the cold, and all those terrifying things hidden deep within our subconscious minds. Laguz makes us examine the underlying roots of our personality and behavior, and allows us to modify those aspects which are hindering our spiritual development. Laguz also prepares the person to take on the task of helping others through this self-examination process, allowing them to empathize more strongly and share their own experiences, making it (among other things) the rune of the spiritual counsellor.

The Rune Poem: Verse VI Kauno
A Torch alight is known to all alive
Brilliant and bright,
It burns most oft
Where Aethlings rest themselves within.

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