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Ask and Embla, Midgard


Name: Mannaz | Translation : man, humankind
Pronunciation | mawn-nawz
Zodiac Sign: | Aries and Taurus
Healing: | Used to combat poisons
Magical Uses: | to represent a specific person or group of people; to establish social relationships

Divinitory Meanings: emotions, fears, unconscious mind, things hidden, revelation, intuition, counselling

Upright : Self-nurturance This is a time of major growth and change, and it is important now to take time out to nurture your inner child. The child within you may be feeling insecure with all the changes your adult self is making. Give yourself a rest. Treat yourself. Relax and be playful. If fears arise, acknowledge them, and ask your spirit to help you release them in a loving way.

Reversed : Old Habits : Past habits are sometimes difficult to break. The counsel here is 'don't rush your own process'. Be your own best friend and allow yourself to be slow in resolving the issues that take more time to resolve that you'd like. Remember all things happen in diving time. Let it be ok not to know, and wait for guidance from spirit.

Analysis : In its broadest sense, mannaz represents all of humanity, and therefore the entire realm of Midgard. In more practical terms, though, it is those with whom we have personal connections, from our immediate circle of family and friends to the wider community around us, reminding us of our nature as social animals. It also represents our connection with the Gods and with nature, through the two Norse myths of the creation of humans; the first where they sprang from Ymir's body, and the second in which they were created from two logs by a river. It takes the raw energy of ehwaz and controls it through our social conscience, reminding us of those we affect with our deeds both magical and mundane. The rune itself resembles gebo with its joining of masculine and feminine elements, but is much more complete. It is the entire web of human relationships, with the self at the centre, which mirrors the web of fate explored through raio. But while that web was more or less fixed, this one is mutable and alive. Past and present, male and female, self and other - all opposites are joined here and made whole. Mannaz is our home, and speaks for all those whose lives we touch when we use the gifts we have been given through the runes.

The Rune Poem: Verse XX Mannaz
A mirthful Man is to his kinsmen dear;
Yet each one must from the others turn,
Because Odin desires by his decree
To deliver that frail flesh to earth.

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