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Freya, Angrbode


Name: Perth | Translation : Mystery
Pronunciation | perth
Zodiac Sign: | Capricorn and Aquarius
Healing: | To aid in easing childbirths
Magical Uses: | fertility, easing childbirth, to aid in divination and magic, enhancing psychic abilities

Divinitory Meanings: rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginning, prophecy

Upright : Cocoon You're like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Deep changes are taking place within you now, and it's hard at this time to put your feelings into words. Flow with the process

Reversed : let go : Your spirit has said 'enough' , and will no longer let you walk a path that is not you own. Often an allegiance to an ideal, belief or relationship is the hardest thing to release. However, you must release something now.

Analysis : The actual interpretation of perth has been the subject of much controversy among runic scholars. The problem lies in the fact that the initial P sound doesn't occur anywhere else in the old Germanic language, leading to the belief that the word was imported from another language. However you choose to interpret the literal meaning of perth (and again, nobody really knows what that is), the basic symbolism is that of a vessel, nurturing and giving 'birth', keeping hidden and secret all those mysteries which can be uncovered only after the initiation of death. The rune is closely tied in with the idea of fate, that the road we travel, regardless of what we choose to do along the way, is pre determined from the moment of our birth. The very act of being born sets us along a course of cause and effect, action and reaction that we may choose to follow blindly, or try to divine through the runes or other means in order that we may better understand the lessons we will learn. Perth is the beginning of this process, as well as the tool for accomplishing it.

The Rune Poem: Verse XIV Perth
The Peorth is ever the play and laughter
Of proud men . . . .
where warriors sit blithely
Together in the beer-hall.

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