Sigmund, in Norse mythology, a Volsung hero and the father of Sigurd. Sigmund was the youngest of ten sons born to the warrior Volsung and his wife Ljod. The Volsungs descended from the principal god Odin. Sigmund's only sister was Signy, with whom he fathered Sinfiotli. Hiordis, Sigmund's wife, gave birth to Sigurd after Sigmund died in battle. Sigmund appears in the Scandinavian epic 'Volsunga Saga' and the Icelandic Eddas.
Sigmund gained ownership of the magical sword Balmung when he removed it from the Branstock tree, where Odin had driven it. King Siggeir, the husband of Signy, wanted the sword for himself. Siggeir invited Volsung and his sons to his kingdom and ambushed them as they approached Gothland. Aided by his sister, Sigmund was able to fight off the wild beast that devoured his father and brothers.
Sigmund and his sister swore to get revenge on Siggeir. Signy disguised herself as a gypsy and went to Sigmund, convinced that only a pureblooded Volsung could aid them in their revenge. She conceived Sinfiotli, and when the boy was old enough she sen