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the Frost Giants,Loki


Name: Thurisaz | Translation : Giant
Pronunciation | thoor-ee-saws
Zodiac Sign: | Leo
Healing: | Used to disinfect and sterilize.
Magical Uses: | aid in study and meditation, self-discipline, clearing out a bad situation

Divinitory Meanings: hardship, painful event, discipline, knowledge, introspection, focus

Upright :

Reversed : :

Analysis : thurisaz is the first of the 'obstacle' runes. These obstacles are not necessarily destructive things, but are placed in our path to strengthen and teach us. The lesson of this rune is 'to learn you must suffer', meaning not only literal suffering, but also in the biblical sense of 'allowing' - allowing one's destiny to unfold as it should, and allowing one's self to experience all that life offers us. What may at first appear to be a negative, destructive event, may well turn out to contain an important lesson. The Giants may seem to be evil and destructive to the Aesir, but they bring about change, and eventually clear the way for a new age.

The Rune Poem: Verse III Thurisaz
The Thorn is sorely sharp for any thane
Hurtful to hold
Uncommonly severe
To every man who lies among them.

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