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Audhumla, Odin (as shaman)


Name: Uruz | Translation : aurochs
Pronunciation | ooo-rooze
Zodiac Sign: | Cancer and Leo
Healing: | Maintain health of body and mind, Dispell weakness and self doubt, Strengthen the effort of the will to enhance good health and energy.
Magical Uses: | haping and forming circumstances creatively though will and inspiration, Healing and maintenance of good mental and pysical health, Bringer of fortunate cuircumstances, induction of magnetic earth streams, realization of causality, knowledge and understandng of the self.
Esoteric Intrepretation | Auroch - the primal forming force; Audhumla in the Edda, or drizzle - the primal fertilizing essence.

Ideographic Interpretation: | the horns of the aurochs, or falling drizzle.

Divinitory Meanings: energy, passion, vitality, instinct, wildness, sexuality, fertility, the unconscious, primitive mind, irrationality, shamanic experience, rite of passage

Upright : Termination/New Beginnings : The life you've been living has outgrown its form, That form must now die to make way for a new life. It's time for changes. It's time for letting go of relationships and situations that no longer serve you.

Reversed : Primary Relationship : It's time for a good hard look at your relationship with yourself, for all your other relationships are mirrors reflecting that one. Are you loving yourself enough? are you honoring your needs? These are questions you must as yourself now.

Analysis : The aurochs was a species of wild ox, similar to a longhorn bull, that was once found all over Europe, but which became extinct sometime in the 17th. century. They were said to be slightly smaller than elephants, and had horns as long as six feet, which were highly prized by the Germanii as drinking horns. This may or may not have been an exaggeration. Paintings of aurochs have been found in Neolithic caves, and it is believed that the aurochs hunt had some significance as a rite of passage for a boy entering manhood. The aurochs is the epitome of the wild animal, as opposed to the domesticated cattle represented by fehu.
Uruz is the rune of the God of the sacred hunt and his shaman/priest. Following the kind of mundane, day to day survival represented by fehu, it is the first recognition by mankind of the divine in nature, and his first attempt to control it through the use of sympathetic magic. It also represents an awareness of death and our own mortality, which may well be the only thing which truly distinguishes us from other animals. The energy of this rune is raw, powerful, and distinctly masculine, in the sense that it is pure, elemental fire. The boy who has killed the aurochs has just entered manhood, and has therefore been initiated into the first level of the mysteries - the awareness that the source of life is death.
Uruz is the mother of Manifestation. In Mythology this is represented buy the great cow Audhumla, which licked a great icy block of salt in order to form the primal androgyne buri. Also she was the source of sustenance for the cosmic giant Ymir. Audhumla was herself formed from the dripping rime produced when the world fire met the world ice. This is also the unmanifested energized essence fom which the cosmic ice and Audhumla were Orignally Formed.
Uruz is the Patterning and formulating power in the multiverse, the source of the ordering principles that lead the final formulation of the world. Uruz is the unmanifested pattern of matter (contrasted with the antimatter nature of Isa). It contains the Mystery of the formulation of the self, a composite paradigm of all the aspects of the psychosomatic complex, jusdt as the multiverse is framed from the various worlds. Uruz is the forming force, not the form itself.
Uruz is the shaping power that defines the origin and destiny of all things. Because of its shaping power, uruz is a run symbolizing wisdom and lore, as the pattern of preserved tradition that is sprung from the natrual order.
Uruz is a rune of good physical health in the personal realm.
Uruz is the rune that promotes strong and harmonious organic systems.
Uruz is the rune of Vital strength and Virtility
Uruz is a fire blended with the waters of life., a vital fire that can remove all weakness - all the dross - and transfom the weak into the strong. however , if this vital energy is spent in the wrong direction, unguided by wisdom, it can become destructive to the individual or to society.

The Rune Poem: Verse II Uruz
The Aurochs is fearless and huge of horn
A ferocious beast, it fights with its horns
A famous moor-stalker that:
A mettlesome wight.

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