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Baldr Asgard


Name: Wunjo: | Translation: Glory / Joy
Pronunciation | WOON-joe
Magical Uses: | for success in any endeavor, to motivate, to complete a task
Zodiac Sign: | Libra and Scorpio
Healing: | Harbringer of optimism, joy and peace.

Divinitory Meanings: success, recognition of achievements, reward, joy, bliss, achievement of goals, contentment

Joy : Congratulations for claiming the power you have to creat the life of your choosing. This rune signifies new clarity, illumination, joy and even increased prosperity in your life. This is the reward for following your spirit without hesitation.

Reversed : Fear : The Fear that you can't have what you want surfaces, and it is time to look at the fear. Issues have arisen which are showing you what you really believe is possible, as opposed to what you believe. Pull another rune for Guidance on how you can move through your fears.

Analysis : Wunjo is the last rune of the first aett, and thus represents both the end of one cycle and preparation for the next. It is a very positive, stable rune, and is another place where people tend to get stalled along their journey. Christian poets related it to heaven, but in fact it more closely resembles the Pagan Valhalla, since this particular paradise is not a permanent one. Like the wealth of fehu, the glory of wunjo is only an illusion. We have achieved success on one level only, and there are many more lessons to be learned. It is, however, a welcome respite which allows us to rest, re-charge our batteries and prepare ourselves for the rest of the journey. It also gives us some perspective, allowing us to look back and reflect on the road thus far. Wunjo gives us a glimpse of what is possible, but if we try too soon to reach out and grab it, like the Grail it will disappear between our fingers.

The Rune Poem: Verse VIII Wunjo
He enjoys Delight who knows little of woe,
Of suffering and sorrow,
And has for his own prosperity, pleasure,
Eke the plenty of cities

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